nhcustody.org was created specifically for the purpose of reforming family law in New Hampshire and around the country.

A Need for Both Parents in Children’s Lives

Children need both a meaningful mother AND father to ensure their healthy development. When children are made fatherless by NH’s and America’s family courts they are done a terrible disservice.

The societal institutions of fatherhood, marriage, and family have all been badly decimated by decades of systematic anti-fatherhood policies as practiced by the family courts under the auspices of ‘the best interests of
the children’
. Contrary to these hollow claims, however, no child’s best
interest is served by the forced removal of their father when he is fit and desirous of being a meaningful parent to his children.

The terrible state-administered inequities in child custody and child support policy across NH, and across the country, are damaging our children, our citizens, and the very foundation of our society in a manner that is unprecedented since the days of slavery.

Forces Acting Against Fatherhood

A widespread industry of divorce and child custody profiteers, along with certain ideological special interest groups that despise the institution of fatherhood, are doing everything in their power to derail or forestall desperately needed family law reform. And these aforementioned groups have been doing so for many years now, some with the help of federal and state taxpayer funding. Generating single parent homes is very lucrative business.

The discrimination against fathers who are being made childless and children who are being made fatherless is unwise, immoral, and unconscionable. It is also an overt civil rights violation in contravention of the United States Constitution and repeated United States Supreme Court case law precedent.

Yet, because of the greed of family law profiteers, the political influence of rich and powerful misandrist anti-fatherhood special interest groups, and a lack of moral fortitude and lack of understanding of the Constitution on the part of our elected officials the injustices continue. Fatherless children are being churned out at an alarming rate because such policy makes a small group of people rich and powerful.

Benefits of Family Law Reform

Children need both parents. The effort to reform family law so as to ensure that children are allowed to retain meaningful access to the love, wisdom, nurturing, discipline, and education of BOTH fit and desirous parents is neither father-centric nor mother-centric. It is gender-agnostic and meant to ensure that children are not parentectomized unless there is a very good reason.

Somehow that need for a very good reason when removing a child’s parent has been forgotten by NH’s state government, along with many other state governments around the country.

In the end, if equitable and reasonable family law reform cannot be enacted due to the power and influence of self-serving child custody profiteers and special interest groups bent on destroying fatherhood and the American family structure, then our society is in real tangible danger.

We have already provided a comprehensive education to NH’s elected officials in an effort to get desperately needed and equitable reforms enacted into law.

If the special interests are able to yet again derail these reforms, then we will turn to educating the public and the next generation about the truth. For they deserve to be warned about the reality of family law before they, themselves, and their children become the next unfortunate, innocent, and devastated victims.

Only in the light can the truth flourish!

Mission Statement

The goal of NH Custody is the reconciliation and reform of family law in New Hampshire and across the country for the sake of our nation’s children of divorce and legal separation.

The true best interests of America’s children are served through the ability to maintain significant meaningful relationships with both their mothers AND their fathers.

Parenting equality under family law must be enacted if our society’s crumbling social fabric is to be salvaged before it’s too late. American family law is dooming far too many children of divorce and legal separation to a dysfunctional upbringing after one of their parents (usually their father) is essentially removed from their lives during child custody proceedings.

Parents’ rights are secondary to children’s right to be nurtured, loved, disciplined, taught, protected, and raised by BOTH parents. However, only by protecting fathers’ AND mothers’ rights can children be best served. The natural bond between parent and child is the best protection for all children, and children suffer greatly when they are unnaturally kept from one of their parents.

Children deserve, and badly need, the continued meaningful involvement of both their mother AND father for proper development, and all too often their fathers (or in rare cases, mothers) are being forcibly taken from them without cause and without explanation.

There is no second class parent when a child is born and the state should not create a second class parent at the time of divorce or legal separation, even if the other parent requests the court to do so.

NH Custody is pursuing change in family law for the equal protection
of the rights of ALL parties comprising the family unit: mothers, fathers, and, most importantly, the children.