Senate GOP Opponents

Below are votes cast by seven of NH’s Republican Senators on HB1580, an undeniably fair and balanced child support reform bill that would have stopped the impoverishment of obligor parents who are frequently left struggling to survive and unable to properly provide for their children under the existing indefensible and discriminatory child support guideline.

Senator Sheila Roberge of Bedford was also instrumental in supporting an amendment that gutted HB529 and replaced everything of value in it with one meaningless sentence. Sen. Roberge has been voting against fair and equitable family law reform legislation for years and this year
was no exception.

In reality, while these Senators may claim to be social conservatives, they don’t really believe in equality for all, nor do they believe in the oath they took to uphold the Constitution. These Senators, like the Democrats who opposed HB1580, are discriminators who make no apologies for how they have undermined parental rights and children’s right to have TWO meaningful parents.

These Senators endorse state-sanctioned discrimination against
the father/child relationship.

Senate GOP opponents

The Republican Senators above purport to care about parental rights and to support conservative social policy. Rest assured, though, that none of them in fact support parental rights for fathers or children’s right to have meaningful fathers alongside their mothers.

If you cast a vote for one of these Senators in 2006 then be aware that you are voting in favor of an individual who supports overt discrimination and the marginalization of fathers in the lives of their children.

Do not forget these individuals when election time arrives.

The way that these Republican elected officials use the term ‘best interests of the child‘ as an excuse to overtly destroy the father/child relationship using the power of the state might well make you ashamed to be an American. It would appear that none of the Senators above have any respect for the 14th amendment equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Not since the days of slavery has such overt discrimination been supported so staunchly by a group of elected officials purporting to be doing the people’s work.