HB529 Conference Committee

I watched the incredible HB529 Conference Committee from 5/16 where Senators Foster, Roberge and Odell claimed to be protecting NH’s citizens from humiliation and divisiveness by (a) not requiring the courts to consider them comparable parents and (b) make a record of the evidence relied upon when forcibly separating them from their children.

What could be more ‘hurtful’ than being forcibly removed from your child’s life? But the Senate is allowing that without cause or explanation while purporting to be worried about ‘hurtful’ things appearing in the court findings?

The Senators ‘assume’ the courts are using evidence? Is this your idea of Constitutional protections?

Meet the discriminating Democrats and discriminating Republicans
who voted against citizens’ parental rights and children’s right to
have TWO meaningful parents.

Misinformation and insults that took place during the HB1580 Senate debate. Get educated for the 2006 elections and recognize that a vote for any of these Senators is a vote in support of discrimination against the relationship between children and their fathers.

These Senators don’t support the public will. Instead they support the special interest groups comprised of child custody profiteers and anti-fatherhood/anti-family activists.

It’s time to take our state and our country back from the special
interest groups and their agents who masquerade as doing the
people’s work while at the same time undermining citizens’ rights.